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My background

maxime guerinot vigneron

Maxime Guerinot, winegrower.

Born under the sun on the slopes of Provence, at the age of 3, I was crossing the vineyard with my father on my mini-tractor, already affirming that “later on, I will be a winegrower like my father”. And here I am, a quarter of a century later, a winegrower in Montgueux on my grandfather’s land. But let’s go back to my story, the one I wanted to tell you…

My parents first. Carmen, the Alsatian passionate about oenology and José, the Champagne winegrower and son of a winegrower. Carmen and José, you can’t make that up! Gathered by fate, separated too soon.
I was 7 years old when my father tragically disappeared. My grandfather, Jean Guérinot, found himself alone on his Champagne lands. I grew up between my mother’s Alsace and my father’s Champagne, filled in the vines every holiday.

My desire did not change: to take over the family estate. To do this, I had to be trained: Higher National Degree (BTS) in Viticulture-Oenology, Bachelor degree in Vine Sciences. Like my father before me, I have multiplied my experiences to enrich my knowledge: Luxembourg and its hills on the Moselle, Provence and its castles, the prestigious wines of the Côte de Nuits.

The time had come to extend the family legacy. I joined my grandfather on our estate in Montgueux. Since 2010, he let me express what was close to my heart: new technologies, environmental approaches and a concern for constant evolution.

And today I continue this story, the one I chose for myself, the one of my fathers, the one of my vines…