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Jeroboam Collector 2021, the meeting between artists and winemaker

Some of the artists with Maxime Guerinot in the vineyards in Montgueux.

Saturday September 28th 2019, six members of the Alsatian artist collective “LES .9 VINS” came to Montgueux in search of inspiration and discovery. On the program, visit of the vineyard under a timid ray of sunshine, then the cellar and the secrets of Champagne making. The day then ended with a presentation of the project to the public. A project? Yes, but what a project!


As they have been used to do it since 4 years in Alsace, “THE .9” will each imagine a creation. All these artistic creations will come to dress 99 JEROBOAM collector of Champagne Guériont numbered. This weekend, rich in exchanges, brainstorming, laugh and tastings, marks the beginning of each one’s artistic work.


As for the 99 JEROBOAMs, they wait quietly in our cellars. The bottling, based on 100% Chardonnay of Montgueux, of which nearly a quarter are the “Cuvée de réserve” wines, took place last March.

Patience, patience, before discovering this exceptional cuvée and its unique packaging. The launch of JEROBOAM and their little sister “Little Lily” is planned for June 2021. Until then, I invite you to discover in pictures the highlights of this weekend as well as the previous work of the .9.


More info:

The former creations from The 9 and the Jeroboam Lily

Workshop Brainstorming to define the packaging