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Harvest 2019, a vintage full of promise

A look back at the 2019 harvest in Montgueux with a little hindsight. The pickers have returned to their quarters. The pruning shears and buckets are cleaned and stored. The hill of Montgueux has regained its quietness ; the harvest seems almost forgotten. Almost, yes! because in the cellar, the musts are finishing their fermentation and will soon reveal the aromas and characters of this vintage which looks promising. But let’s go back to the harvest…

After a long time betting on a start around September 10th 2019, the vine plays tricks on us. It takes advantage of the last days of August to accelerate spectacularly the ripening of the grapes. This is enough to bring a little touch of stress to the preparation of this crucial moment for the elaboration of our champagnes. Finally, everything is ready to give the first shots of pruning shears on our earliest plots of land on September 4th. The nights are cold, the days sunny and ventilated, the weather is spoiling us for this week so determinant. The harvest is spread out until September 10th for the last press of this year. In the meantime, nearly 70 tons of sun-drenched chardonnays have been harvested on our quays with one constant: exceptional quality. The grapes are ripe, healthy and the balance of sugars and acids suggests wines of great class.

Let’s now let time do its work and see you in a few weeks for the first assembly tastings. Let’s hope that this will be the occasion to validate all these promises.


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